Pro-lifers: If a fetus is determined to have major abnormalities but the parents are self-employed and don't have health insurance?

is it OK for them to terminate the pregnancy at 20 weeks? If not, who pays the hundreds of thousands of dollars to take care of that baby after it is born? If it happened to you or to a loved one, would you have the money to pay the medical bills?

I know someone whose fetus did not have a complete brain and only one eye. They chose prayer. She lived 15 months - the entire time in the NICU - racking up over a million dollars in medical costs, having painful procedures every day. They have lost everything and now wish they had terminated. What would you have done?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Pro-lifers generally take the stance that parents shouldn't have sex unless they're prepared to either pay millions for the care of a baby with birth defects or let the baby die after birth from lack of care.  They don't care one bit about anything other than forcing birth for every embryo. They don't actually care about life. They're totally against universal health care and any program that uses tax money to provide health care for poor people. 

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    2 months ago

    David @ service gave a good answer. You don’t ask this question (at least not yet) if the doctors identified the issue when the newborn is 1 day old. Also, these are EXTREMELY rare cases. If you see the profile of women seeking an abortion, only 15 percent of the women are married women. Only a very small fraction of that 15 percent have these issues.

    50 percent of the women seeking abortion are not in any relationship with the person they had sex with. Unbridled promiscuity. Abortion existed before the 1950s. But the numbers skyrocketed during the sexual revolution. Abortion culture is the direct result of promiscuity. Their solution is to encourage more promiscuity and degenerate behavior by placing birth control in the hands of young kids. That’s not the correct solution. That’s why Christians are against abortion culture. 

  • 2 months ago

    If you believe that baby inside them is a human being, it is NEVER right to murder to murder the baby

  • 2 months ago

    I have a similar question for you pro-deathers.

    If a couple has a newborn who puts a diseased snail in his mouth while playing, and ends up having major brain damage costing millions of dollars in medical bills, does that mean it's okay to kill any child you don't want or find inconvenient?

    Or put another way, would you pro-deathers support a law making abortion illegal, except if a child has an ailment which would cost millions of dollars to treat?

    Or put another way, why do pro-deathers bring up arguments that really have nothing to do with their support for abortion?  For example, even if the government paid all medical fees for children with health problems, they would still be pro-abortion/death.

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  • Donald
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    2 months ago

    a healthy mother and father produce healthy children.

    not adhering to GOD and HIS WORDS will haunt some families.

    Lev 11?

    swine causes cancer and MS.

    birth defects come from bad science.

    who smokes when pregnant?

    eats filthy things from the sea?

    we do not have the right to end a persons life.

    GOD decides who lives or dies.

    (it would do you well to remember this)

    love (healthy love) leads to a loving family.

    something else leads to issues..... (or can)

    Source(s): many children who have birth defects have special souls to endure such things. i have known many in my life. life is a gift , not a curse.
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