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Guarding and food service...A dangerous combo?

Security guard duty...while working in food service.

I actually told my manager that I'll do it..

But in my experience, tempers can soar to 3,000 degrees and then some, in food service..

The food service is probably one of Philadelphia's problems.

And What you just told me to do, and what you just gave me to it with..

Is worse than a Camden New Jersey or Philadelphia Septa Cop waiting for a delayed donut.

If I were you, if you feel the need to guard the safe and walk around the building..

Hire securitas asap.


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  • pmt853
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    2 months ago

    If you can survive 3,000 dergeer Centigrade, Fahrenheit or Kelvin then you can probably survive most things. Gold melts at 1,064 °C.

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