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What was the book that was on my summer reading list in 2007?

It was a new unedited book and is now a classic.  I got interrogated into reading the Bell Jar, instead.  Also because my dad said "She's reading the Bell Jar" in a threatening tone of voice so I forced myself to read The Bell Jar, which sucked btw.  I was attending a regular public high school in the suburbs of Chicago and taking honors English.  I think I almost found it recently at a library but the librarians were acting suspicious towards me in a molesting way that makes me want to brutally commit suicide so I couldn't find it.  If you could please tell me the name of the exact book I am talking about that would help.  It was new in 2007 and is now a classic.  It was also on my summer reading list when I was 15 almost 16. 


you can study the argument "over investigated" to try to understand where I'm coming from.  Sorry I lost my vocabulary. 

Update 2:

I didn't really mean unedited I meant it wasn't warehoused yet.  Also, if I contacted the school I would probably be turned in for harassment since I took this class 15 years ago. 

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    Did you contact the school to see if the book is on the current reading list? Or the teacher who gave you the assignment?

    If the book was "unedited" (which is a silly statement. All books that are published are edited. Even the self published ones are read over by the author.), why was it on an honors English reading list?

    If the book is now a classic,  you will find it in a bookstore.  Scan the shelves till you find what you think is the title. Read the cover advertisement to find out what the book is about. 

    As for the bookstore clerks and the library staff, what you read or why is not their business.  Their business is to help you find what you request, not to pass judgement.  Ignore any looks. Borrow or buy the books.

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    You're pathetic. reported for chatting and ranting. Help yourself with google.

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