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Would a guy pull away because he has a fear of intimacy? Or did he pull away because he doesn’t like me? ?

He’s been no contact for a month 

We didn’t have any argument or anything 

Our relationship was developing. We were getting closer and he had given me the title of gf 

But we needed to talk. I could feel the intimacy increasing between us 

And he bailed ..he replies to my messages but hasn’t initiated. And then I stopped writing to him as well and it’s been one month now 

He also did his in the past when the intensity of the relationship increased. We were meant to meet on a date. But he ended up flaking and we got into a huge argument because of this 

By later on a few months down the line he came back to me 

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    This is a classic example of a guy who doesn't know what he wants. He SAYS he wants you to be his girlfriend but doesn't fulfill that ideal. He's pulling away and taking some space...believe it or not this is often NORMAL for men. They often retreat into their own little worlds. Most can't multitask and when things at work or school get busy they are unable to balance the two, whereas women do this flawlessly all the time. 

    Focus on you, give him space and time and see what happens when he comes back. However, if it's an absurd amount of time them move on. Also, try to find out if he's still on dating sites...if he is, he's still looking and therefore probably doesn't see what you have as serious. 

    I dated a man last year who would always come back to me when I gave him space and I realized that that doesn't mean he wants me, just that i'm here waiting for him. He talked about marriage, living together, being together etc. but he didn't mean any of it. 

    Look at his actions, not his words. 

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