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In France are virtually all the croissants sold in cafe's  plain, with no additions of ham, cheese, apricots or almonds as they have here ?

in England 


Why has this question not been deleted like other French questions are

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  • laura
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    When I was in Paris, I stayed in a hotel and breakfast was continental eg toast, eggs, hams, cheeses, yogurts and croissants 🥐 so you could have bits of all of these you helped yourself, not sure about cafes, whenever we went to cafes they were almost cafe / pub and we ordered things like salads or sandwiches etc in them 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Plain and chocolate are the most common croissants you will find, as they are the most popular, and maybe an almond or pistachio. They tend to keep them plain over there, as they have for hundreds of years.  

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