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Am I right to feel disgusted with myself after what I did ?

I’m in a relationship with my boyfriend who I love very much

 So, I was playing an online game about 30 minutes ago. I decided to help this random dude who was the killer of the match without even telling him. Just for laughs. When he won, I started to talk to him, and he told me that he “lobe me” and I was his pal for helping him. I thought this was funny so I replied with I LOBE U TOO. We started to chat for a bit on the online game. This all over text box during the match. I asked for his age out of curiosity and I told him my name and my age. He then asked me to join his discord to talk to him more. I said yeah sure maybe. But in reality, I’m not going to download discord. I feel so disgusted with myself that I sounded borderline flirty. My concern is that this game has gotten so much hype that it could possibly appear in my boyfriend’s FYP on tiktok and he would see then break up with me when I didn’t mean to sound flirty. I hate cheating and I would never cheat on my boyfriend. Am I right to feel this grossed out of myself? 


I generally feel bad. I doubt he would find out unless I tell him about it. I prefer not to because he would take things out of proportion 

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    I really dont see that you have done anything wrong here.

    You obviously have a concience & I think you were never seriously interested to start a connection with this guy.

    You could type whatever words you liked & feel absolutely nothing.

    It seems to me that you were just generally curious & wanted to know a bit more.

    It's just a daft bit of banter in a game really. Even if you did join his discord you still wouldn't be doing anything wrong in my opinion.

    However cheating & lying are different things entirely.

    You should definitely ask your boyfriend about what he thinks of online flirting & joking around with a stranger that you have no intention to ever meet.

    I would not mind one bit if my girlfriend was flirting with anyone online because it's pretty meaningless & even fake & superficial sometimes & she wouldnt be taking it seriously.

    I might even want to see wat they are saying so I could have a laugh with them too!

    Don't be so hard on yourself & jump to the worst conclusion immediately. I understand that some guys would immediately start to have doubts so if you think he will react badly then just save him the headache & don't do it again.

    Just don't give out anything more than a/s/l & name to a stranger online!

    Good luck to you!

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    That’s like nothing. Don’t feel bad, if he gets crazy tell him to stop taking estrogen.

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    I'd get ahead of this and tell your boyfriend what's up should he see anything he doesn't like. On the other hand, this sounds pretty innocent so if you're with someone who's going to flip out over it this might be a good time to find out he's the jealous and controlling type. 

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    I would fess up too your bf that you were in a weird mood and accidently flirted with a guy while playing the game, and now you're feeling ashamed of yourself.   

    I wouldn't call flirting cheating, but what you did was sort of borderline. You said some stuff that you definitely would not have if your bf was standing right there, and you probably need to clear your conscience. Hopefully you don't feel bad just because you might get caught, and you are genuinely remorseful about your online conduct with the guy.

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    You stopped it in time.  You aren't wrong for feeling a bit embarrassed and guilty but you should put it behind you, since you stopped it without carrying it too far.

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