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Does giving into anger make you angrier or is it healthy to express it & move on?

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    Always healthier to show no emotion when you're with other people, when you're alone, it's fine. When you're angry and emotional, your thinking is hazy and unclear. And people who get angry don't realize how easily its used against them, because they don't do much thinking to begin with, hence why they've allowed themselves to become angry. I'm not saying there's never a time to be angry, but just know that most of the time you get angry, it will be used against you.

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    Depends on how it is expressed. When I get angry I say things I don't mean so what helps me and it may help you is ask yourself why you are angry...feel out your emotions without lashing out and take deep breaths. Its only a temporarily feeling. You can take your anger out at the gym..or something you like to do. I like being angry alone because I know I won't emotionally hurt anyone.

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