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Hello! I would like to vent some problems with you. I'm not asking you for any help, just want to know your comment on it.Thanks in advance!?

Well, I took a whole year of English language course at the university, passing in all subjects, and I have been studying English for more than two years, uninterrupted on the internet and with my material to be a teacher. But a while ago, I found out that my mom bought a program she uses on her cell phone called "physical control of the mind" that is able to read and hear my thoughts, see images of what I think, in addition to being able to shock me, pain and sensation electronically through the brain. It really exists, search on Google !!!!! I have been living with this persecution environment, but without torture, for about 5 years straight. But now my mom is giving me sleep or drowsiness and I haven't been able to do anything for the whole day, nor I can take care of myself properly! For example, until recently I had not brushed my teeth for more than two days and I am still almost three days without being able to shower. It is also impossible to study English to be a teacher. The truth is that my mom thinks I'm crazy and I can hit someone, but I'm not at all like that! On the contrary, I am calm, peaceful, practicing Christian, I watch Christian videos every week and read the Bible every day, I am a faithful follower of the Word of God. I see this in my mother as crazy behavior, she hates me and is condemning me, because it has no sense, no justification and no reason for all this! And it is still contradictory because she insists on thinking that I am crazy. 


How can I have a future, be independent and have a minimum of well-being if my mom is giving me sleep all day through this program? And what do you think about what she's doing to me? I repeat again: I am not asking you for help, I just wish you could comment on it in your own words, please. And, if you can, search on Google: "physical control of the mind" by "José Delgado".

Thank you so much again!!!

Update 2:

She thinks I'm crazy not for the things I've already done, but for my own involuntary way of being. Other people think so too, but that is a misconception, as I have never caused anybody problems.

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  • LAN
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    3 weeks ago

    You are insane and the only way to deal with it is to start see a doctor.   Who knows you may have a giant tumor in your head making you that stupid.

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    This is a very serious delusion that you are suffering from and it is called "Ideas of Reference" in psychiatry.  And so you need to see your own family doctor about this serious symptom.  Your brain is playing tricks on you and your doctor may prescribe medication for you to take to make these ideas go away. 

    If your mother thinks you are crazy, perhaps she needs to see the doctor also. 

    And your English is excellent.  Well done!

  • Eva
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    4 weeks ago

    Sorry sweetheart, you mom is right. You are crazy.  I don't know what you searched for on Google, but that program doesn't exist.  It's a book that describes experiments that were done back in the late 1960's.  There's nothing on a cell phone that can do what you describe.

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