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when people don't support what i say, it makes me angry, what can i do?

often when people don't support what i tell them and don't validate it or agree with me, it makes me angry because they doubted my word..

why does this happen to me and how can i DEAL with it?

im a male aged 42.


great advice anonymous and the other lady.

Update 2:

great advice Anonymous, thanks, and drea too.

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    Some people don't agree/validate with you because they're twisted and see how important it is to you. It's 'fun' to watch you argue/try to convince them! Other people just don't agree. And so they have the right. The main thing is - why is it so important to have them agree with you? In the end, it's 'just' your opinion, as it's 'just' theirs. Agree to disagree and move on. You have put in your opinion/advice - that they refuse to accept/listen, is on them You may have the satisfaction to see your views confirmed (and you won't say 'I told you so!') Life is too short to waste trying to impress other people who in the scheme of things don't make a difference to your life. 

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    Have you ever disagreed with someone else? Imagine if they got upset at you for disagreeing with them. I know sometimes it's frustrating when we want other people to understand our point of view,  but as long as they disagree respectfully, I don't think it's personal. We all disagree with someone at some point in our lives.

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