is it possible the courier service damaged my new trainers?

i suffer with paranoia and get paranoid ideas......over the recent months i have bought new nike trainers from jd sports online, a reputable trainers company....but a couple of the trainers i bought, when i opened the nike trainers, they were flawed and had minor faults like excess glue at the joining parts of the trainers..........and i got paranoid could the courier deliverers ''hermes'' have tampered with my new trainers in the process of them delivering them to me....then seal up the box and the bag somehow once they did it?

or did nike the company, deliberately and purposefully send out faulty nike trainers to me because they knew it was me ordering them?

are these just my paranoid ideas or could there be truth to them?

im a male in my 40's.

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    3 weeks ago
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    I would not be surprised that makers would send 1st quality examples to brick-and-mortar stores where no one would buy the lower-tier examples which could be sold online and catalogs where customers cannot examine the actual item they are considering.   I doubt if the delivery service would have any control over what you get.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Maybe it's both Nike and the delivery service conspiring against you.

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