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Study: 35% of excess deaths during pandemic’s early months tied to causes other than Corona.  Is it still happening as the politics drag on?

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  • Bill
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    2 weeks ago

    Yes!   example if you have Covid and die from injuries caused in an accident, you will be conted in the Covid Statistics

  • JimZ
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    3 weeks ago

    When we had the crash of 2008, there were reportedly 50 thousand more excess deaths.  These weren't due to a disease.  It was due to idiot political and economic decisions.  

    Governor Cuomo killed many of those people in the graph in your link by what should be a prison offense, sending sick seniors back to the old folks home. He killed thousands because of his stupidity.   Now we have creeps running many of our cities doing far worse things to people than what happened in 2008. Their policies killed people.  Adding those numbers to COVID is sickening to me but I saw it coming.   COVID death numbers have been exaggerated.  That is a fact.  There is no way to know how much.  Trying to figure out how many are actually due to Covid and how many are due to shut down of the economy and shutting down the country is hard to separate IMO.  There is too much money involved and too much politics.  

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