How can I fix this hand towel ring?

I just moved into a new home, and the hand towel ring (or whatever it's called) came out of the wall.  Looking for helpful recommendations on how to fix it.  Thanks!

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  • GA41
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    2 weeks ago
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    It is not that clear from the picture what you are dealing with.  However,  I suspect that there is plate beneath the base which has holes in it for the base.  I would lift the base cover plate to expose this plate.  Then I would remove the existing bolts from the wall fastener.  I would rotate the plate, so that the bolts away from the hole, so that you can install the plate on a part of the wall that's not damaged.  Stay in the same general area, so that the base hides the hole in the wall.  It would be best to find the wall stud (board) behind the wall, and use long wood screws to screw directly into the stud.  This would be a much sturdier arrangement and would prevent pulling through the wall.  However, most of the time you won't have a study handy to screw to, so you must use special "wallboard hangers" to connect to.  The wallboard hanger will push a small hole through the wall like a nail, then it expands on inside of the wall when you screw down the screw, which prevents it from pulling back through.  You can buy them at any hardware store and they are very cheap.  I would look on youtube.  They probably have a video of attaching pictures etc. to wallboard with wallboard screws.

    IF the base plate does not hide the hole, and you want to repair the hole.  You would take a sharp knife and cut out the damage part of the wall.  Then you would use a spackling compound and putty knife to close the hole.  After it dries you can sand it smooth and paint it.  You can probably find a youtube video on repairing wallboard.

  • Marli
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    3 weeks ago

    And you are asking this question in Books and Authors.

    I am terrible and a sissy regarding home repair, but if you live in North America, the books about it in the publc library are at Dewey Decimal Class 643.7

    Dwellings--Maintenance and repair-- Amateurs manuals.

    I would show the picture to a knowledgeable friend or to someone in a hardware store.  They are usually the experts.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Why not just bite the bullet and pull the entire thing out, widen the hole and get someone on the other side of the wall to squeeze through towels on demand? By making the hole even wider you could also push food, toilet paper 12-packs and even very small people to scrub your back, or whatever. Hope this helped.

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