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Why Beslan school siege 2004 was so deadly?

Over 330 died and additional 700+ were wounded.

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    Incompetence on the part of the Russian army and police.  You would think that after the Nord-Ost fiasco two years earlier the Russian Alpha, Vympel and Spetsnaz units would have practiced for a large-scale hostage crisis, but looks like they didn't and repeated many of the same mistakes.

    The Russian troops failed to secure the area around the site, so the civilians, many of them parents of the children inside the school, brought their own weapons and started shooting at the hostage takers they could see in the school windows.  In response the terrorists inside started shooting hostages, so the army had to move in before they were ready.  To breach the wall of the gym where most of the hostages were the army used explosives, but the wall collapsed inward, crushing many of the hostages.  Moreover, to suppress the fire coming from the school's attic the army fired incendiary rounds at the roof.  The burning roof collapsed into the gym, trapping and killing many of those who survived the wall collapse. 

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