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Are There any support groups for partners of people with OCD?  I always find resources to help the OCD person. ?

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    OCD Support For Family Members

    If you live with someone who has OCD, it's likely that you need OCD support as much as your mentally ill loved one. OCD support can help you cope with the challenges of living with a person who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Living with a child, spouse, or another family member with OCD can cause you to feel isolated and resentful over time. It's important that both you and your mentally ill family member get support.

    As a family member living with an OCD patient, it's critical that you maintain a connection with your social circle and continue to engage in favorite activities. A group that offers OCD support can help you re-establish your personal life and learn how to deal with your OCD loved one in healthier ways.

    Support groups are an important tool for individuals with OCD, their family members, and friends. Making a connection with others who are impacted by OCD provides a sense of community, and lets you know you are not alone in this struggle. You can gain valuable insight, practical ideas, and education from experts and other OCD families in your area.

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