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3 Questions about forex , In details :?

If I buy euro:yuan, and from that moment, the yuan continues to decline until the collapse ,for a year. If I sell the euro, what will I benefit from the large amount of the yuan that I will own? -and that is subject to more greater collapse

,If the currency pairs do not have fluctuations, either steadiness or a permanent sharp decline from one side, will there be profits in forex, or profits in forex only obtained by the successive fluctuations of prices in currency pairs and buying and selling them multiple times in the day?

, In which currency the profit I gain in forex will be in cash, if I trade sterling pound: euro, can I take the profit in dollar u.s?

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    I start reading forex recently , this is what came to my mind in my first readings , so I'm still have ~no knowledge , so I ask to know more and correct my initial thoughts ,  hope someone to do that for me,


  • kswck2
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    My guess is that this is a textbook problem in a economics class or something, because if you Knew Forex well enough to trade like this, you wouldn't Be asking the question on this kind of question/answer board. 

    And since the question IS being asked, you shouldn't BE trading Forex, since you don't know what you are doing to begin with. 

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