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Thanks for some very thoughtful responses. The reason I asked the question is because the California lkegislature is spending time and resources to determine what reparations may be due to "California's role in Black slavery". I would say: negligible.

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    So you are asking why they are asking ?

    Perhaps you would be better served if you waited to see what they decide.

  • Prince
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    3 weeks ago

    Californians take a much loftier and broader view than the rest of Americans, who are usually trying to avoid and shirk responsibility. Californians generally will shoulder responsibility even where their guilt is really negligible. Thus you see them cheerfully contribute to the general weal and help foot the bill for the Rust Belt states that are unable to take care of themselves. California contributes to the general welfare cheerfully and with the good grace of the Planet's 6th largest economy and the single biggest component of the United States economy. God loves a glad giver. And when California is hit with disasters which should clearly warrant Federal assistance, and Trump vindictively denies them help when it's their turn to receive it, California just shrugs and carries on. In short, California rises above pettiness. Rather than rationally argue that it's not the responsibility of Californians, Californians simply see that there's a problem and the descendants of former slaves have settled in California feeling agitated and upset and suffering from the disperity in economics which is the legacy of other states, and California with a good grace cheerfully and generously tries to address it, happy that they're able to do so.

  • L
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    3 weeks ago

    CA had no black slaves, therefore, NO role in black slavery.

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    California started as part of the Spanish Empire, with missions and settlements from the 1750s on.  Became part of Mexico after its independence, and Mexico firmly ended and prohibited slavery (part of the reason why Southerners pulled Texas from Mexico).  California was seized by the USA in 1849, and became a state the following year:  a free state, no slavery.  Contributed some troops to the Union during the Civil War.  No question that non-whites (Chinese, Native Americans, blacks) were badly treated under law for decades.

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  • garry
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    4 weeks ago

    california liked slavery , even upto the revolution time , they just didnt fight the the  yanks . Yes they had slavery in california ..

  • KTJoe
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    4 weeks ago

    California; no involvement in the slave trade business however imported Chinese people to work gold mines???

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    actually the slaves in California were Native Americans (AKA Indians) and  Mexican. As our ancestors moved further West they brought the African slaves with them

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