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a multichannel micropipette dispenses (one or many) ____ volume(s) of sample at a time.(?)?

I'm confused as to how whether it would be the same volume for all channels or differnt volumes for all channels.

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  • Ted K
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    2 months ago

    Multi-well pipettes dispense only one volume, but do so via many channels.  They are designed so that repeated (similar) volumes of reagent can be delivered into multi-well plates, which saves time when working in such a format.  The standard is a 96-well plate, and they have 8-channel and 12-channel multi-pipettors so that you can quickly do either 12 repeats of 8 each, or 8 repeats of 12 each. 

    You set whatever volume you want to dispense and all channels of the pipette will dispense that same volume. 

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