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Would the economy suffer if Alabama and Mississippi is plunged into the sea?


One user said Red states are keeping society afloat when 60% of economic growth comes from California and New York.

I live in Alabama and I don't see red states keeping civilization afloat.

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    1) Republican states typically are smaller population wise than non Republican states

    2) Republican states typically generate less tax revenue to the national treasury than non Republican states.

    3) Republican states typically have poorer people than Non Republican states

    4) Republican states typically  have worse education systems for their people than non Republican states. In fact, some of them can only have part time primary schools for their children.

    5) The average IQ is lower in Republican states than in non Republican states.

    You have to understand that Republicanism is like a crime organization.......they basically believe in violating all understandings of justice and liberty and of democracy, and even the Constitution to serve the agenda of a precious few, namely the rich and false fake evangelical christians who say they are christians but fail in the most basic christian do unto others as you would like to be treated.  

    Republicanism is a virus that has been growing more and more malignant since the early 80's when it started as just outright greed to now all out a virtual similarity of Hitler like circa world war 2nazzzzism ..... now that they see the population has a good understanding that they are no good for the country, they are taking their democracy and going home with it and have basically seceded from the values of the USA and as you see Trump doing, going by his own autocratic rules.

    Republicans must be kicked out of every office possible.....they have no honor. They  have  become a criminal organization for the consolidation and grabbing of power.

  • Sure.  But those white people vote for Global Warming denialists.

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    did you know that the "New South" has the fastest growing tech segment in the nation?

    the reason for this is the same as why the South boomed as a financial center after the "coastal" booms of the 1980s.... companies are fleeing states that live of "other people's money"...namely California, New York and the Northeastern states...

    the majority of the big "Silicon Valley" companies now just use that as the mailing address for their corporate offices now.... their actual work is outsourced to contractors in other states....most of those in the South...

    if I remember correctly, Alabama has seen the biggest jump in high-paying tech jobs.....largely because of the large number of graduates produced by its public universities who have practical degrees (systems-based vs. app based)...

  • Sandy
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    2 months ago

    Both Cali and NY states are a complete mess right now, with people leaving them in droves. they need Republican governors and mayors to bring them back from total destruction. 

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  • BB
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    2 months ago

    We would lose some excellent college football programs. 

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    The economy would be in better shape. All the tax dollars from California and NY would go somewhere else instead of those freeloader states.

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    No. Not one little bit. Take Texas with you.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Don't forget Kentucky, too!

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