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Is it unusual if someone lived in Mexico for a long time and never sees anything violent?

Mexico has such a high violent crime rate, a lot of murders and assaults and robberies. I never asked Mexicans here in the US when they lived there or visit if they saw much in terms of bad, but do you think it is possible for someone to live there for like 20 years and not see anything aside from a little fight? I asked someone from Mexico and she said she never saw anything “big.” However I knew a white American guy who saw a guy shot dead in mx.

So I am excluding a fancy rich areas there, like what if you lived in an average lower income area? 

Mexico is dangerous on average but I’d imagine at least you get the thrill out of it. I mean 11 dead in bar shooting and 6 killed at a funeral in Mexico in weeks, and ongoing.

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  • Rick
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    2 months ago

    in Mexico that would be VERY unusual .............................

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