Do you think Integration is hardest part in math or are there harder parts?

Most of other hard parts rely on integrals. Do you agree rest of math is easy if you know Integration very well??

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  • oyubir
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    3 weeks ago
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    That's cute.

    Really. I am not being sarcastic or anything. I literally find your question cute.

    But, that's really like if a kid in preschool were asking "Do you think diphthong are the hardest part in English, or are there harder parts". You are just at the beginning of your journey, buddy. Well, not necessarily of course. Lot of people never goes beyond. In fact, most people don't know integration (mainly because they forgot, or did not pay attention. Not because they've never learned. But result is the same).

    But, in math, you have topology, number theory, axiomatic, etc. Those are other pieces of cake. Or differential geometry. That's a huge one (and your best shot at Fields medal).

    Anyway, what you call "integration" are mostly techniques, not really maths. You just apply a set of rules to compute the integral of something. Computers do it very well.

    Maths that computer can do are not considered hard.

    I am a mathematician. And I am probably worse at integration than you are. Not because it is complicated. But because I don't like it. It is tedious. I always end up making a stupid mistake. And my computer do it for me.

    Exactly like I've long ceased dividing numbers by hand with a pen and paper.

    Learning integration at school is exactly like learning divisions: it is a necessary step to learn it to do it your self, to get a grasp on what it is. But once you've learn it, there is no point in not using a calculator.

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