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I own an Amazon fire, when I restart it I have troubles with the camera roll! What do I do? ?

I own an Amazon fire (one of the bigger ones), and it had been working normally for a while now. This happened before but now it only happens when I restart the tablet. When I boot it back up; it seems perfectly fine, until the SD card icon shows up saying "checking for errors..." . When it's done, I get something like the image below! I don't understand what could be the problem, I've just been restarting it until it works again. I asked my friend and she agreed it COULD have been because I had a habit of using it while it was charged, I feel that may of been the case since it stopped for a while after I began leaving it alone when it started to run dead. Am I just going to have to deal with this problem forever? Help!!! (Please go easy on me, I'm only a kid. I don't really know much about these things)

(The camera itself has been blocked for privacy purposes)  

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    The error message you've displayed is telling you, my young friend, that you're running out of storage space. i.e. there's nowhere to store any more photographs and/or download any updates that your Kindle Fire feels are necessary to correctly run the Operating System.

    I'm afraid that what you need to do is delete some stuff that you have on your Kindle Fire.

    It MAY be that you have too many applications installed.

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