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why is the "Atlantic Ocean" called such? is it named after the sunken island of Atlantis maybe?


when it was named Atlantic Ocean? why Atlantis was named its name? are they associated?

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    The oldest known mentions of an "Atlantic" sea come from Stesichorus around mid-sixth century BC (Sch. A. R. 1. 211):[7] Atlantikôi pelágei (Greek: Ἀτλαντικῷ πελάγει; English: 'the Atlantic sea'; etym. 'Sea of Atlantis') and in The Histories of Herodotus around 450 BC (Hdt. 1.202.4): Atlantis thalassa (Greek: Ἀτλαντὶς θάλασσα; English: 'Sea of Atlantis' or 'the Atlantis sea'[8]) where the name refers to "the sea beyond the pillars of Heracles" which is said to be part of the sea that surrounds all land.[9] In these uses, the name refers to Atlas, the Titan in Greek mythology, who supported the heavens and who later appeared as a frontispiece in Medieval maps and also lent his name to modern atlases.[10] On the other hand, to early Greek sailors and in Ancient Greek mythological literature such as the Iliad and the Odyssey, this all-encompassing ocean was instead known as Oceanus, the gigantic river that encircled the world; in contrast to the enclosed seas well known to the Greeks: the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.[11] In contrast, the term "Atlantic" originally referred specifically to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and the sea off the Strait of Gibraltar and the North African coast.[10] The Greek word thalassa has been reused by scientists for the huge Panthalassa ocean that surrounded the supercontinent Pangaea hundreds of millions of years ago.

    The term "Aethiopian Ocean", derived from Ancient Ethiopia, was applied to the Southern Atlantic as late as the mid-19th century.[12] During the Age of Discovery, the Atlantic was also known to English cartographers as the Great Western Ocean.[13]

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    No. It means "The Sea of Atlas" 

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    well i'm not 3,000 years old so i cant help you with the name , try some old greek meaning i think .

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    No. It means "The Sea of Atlas" after the mythological entity that held up the world. 

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    The earliest references are from Greece in the sixth century BC. It may be a reference to the Atlas Mountains.

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    The North Atlantic was named the atlantic " The Sea of Atlas".

    The South Atlantic was named the " Ethiopian Sea" 

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    The island of Atlantis, according to the earliest Classical accounts and which is backed up by archaeology, was the Atlas Mountains when the sea level was higher. It didn't "sink". Atlantis "rose" relatively in relation to the lowering sea level and was stranded high and dry, surrounded by land. And yes, the Atlas Mountain Range is right next to the Atlantic Ocean. 

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    Around the 6th century BC, people thought the world was one big continent, with the Mediterranean Sea in the middle and the Atlantic ocean surrounding it on all sides.

    Atlas was the deity who held up the earth, so it was named after him, since it surrounded the earth.

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    Yes. The oldest known mention of an "Atlantic" sea come from Stesichorus around mid-sixth century BC, Atlantikôi pelágei (Greek: Ἀτλαντικῷ πελάγει; English: 'the Atlantic sea'; etym. 'Sea of Atlantis') 

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    It's named after the Atlas mountains of nearby Morocco. These mountains are named after the Titan-god Atlas; as is the island of Atlantis.  

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