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Are spirits real?

I have a small mirror facing my bed. When I got up I saw a limb move from the mirror and my mind assumed it was mine. However I thought back on it, and it couldn’t have been mine based on the angle of the mirror. There is no way I could have seen reflection of any part of my body when getting up. Based on the mirror reflection, It looked like an arm or a leg floating above my bed. Sometimes I get premonitions something is watching me. Today my heart beat raised significantly and suddenly for no reason when I was on my laptop in bed. After a while I got up and it felt like something was watching above me. It looked like a clash of the dark and white sparks for a just a single moment then gone. Maybe just a very very giant spider? Lol. 

I don’t know what to think, I am agnostic. 

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  • Amber
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    3 weeks ago

    Nothing have convinced me they are and I used to have an avid interest in the paranormal. I'm still a little unsure on ghosts but 100% certain that mediums don't exist. That's why they are always so vague I think.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Jinn are real. They are beings with free will made from smokeless fire. There is them and Angels whom are made from light. They are both creations of God just like man and everything else. It's either one of the two. Evil jinn play tricks on people like being a ghost to get you to disbelieve in God. If you can see the spirits good for you, they are usually hidden.

  • Spence
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    4 weeks ago

    Ghosts are real & I have seen them before.  Luckily, I've encountered very few malicious ones.

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