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Who watched the debate on Tuesday?

Who are you voting for and why?

What comment did you agree with -and from which candidate


@Baphomat I wasn't going to watch it because I knew that when there is a clown involved.........but I was tempted primarily because clowns are fun! -that does NOT mean I want the clown to be president! Sure Biden has got his own problems but if we are talking about qualification- the serious person SHOULD win over the clown- I hope the rest of America sees it that way as well....I'm sorry to all the trump lovers..... feel free to add your opinions even if they don't match mine! Thank you!

Update 2:

Mike and Kyle thanks for adding your already know that I agree with you...

Update 3:

Yes anonymous, we will!

Update 4:

@Mercuri Could not be more TRUE....thanks for sharing your opinion!

Update 5:

@Ubuntu User True.......Biden was a stammering a little.....and he isn't as a good speaker (like Obama was) but you can tell that he is more intelligent than I wrong?.....anyway....thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Update 6:

@Richard thanks for adding an opinion.....what your saying is true, but third parties hardly ever win...too few people vote for third parties, so there is almost no point in voting for third parties....but that's just my opinion....thanks again for responding....very insightful, and thought through

Update 7:

@wondering Ye....totally true, thanks for responding....

@jeancommunicates I hear what your saying......thanks for sharing your opinion!

@gene lol I'm telling u the same thing as Richard.....anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts!....

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  • Mike
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    3 weeks ago
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    I'm voting for Biden. I agree with his statement that Trump is the worst President we've ever had.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I watched the debate and now the US is offically the laughing stock thanks to trump

  • 3 weeks ago

    I think the winning moment for Biden was when he said Trump does not have a plan for Healthcare nor does he have a plan for Covid. That rang so true. Trump has had four years to try to do Healthcare things and he's done virtually nothing. And Trump couldn't say how he was going to end Covid and acted like it was a conspiracy against him.

    And that's before we get into the countless lies Trump told.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I agree that Biden should win, but I'm too young to please, all of you over 18 vote for Biden! 

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  • Kyle
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    3 weeks ago

    I watched it.  I'm still voting for Biden.  Trump cannot tell the truth.  he's a child.  Trump may have had some good policies, but his integrity as a person is terrible.  we'll see what happens in november.  

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