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Pest Laws Against Cockroaches In Denver, Colorado?

So my girlfriend and I have been living in a apt in Denver, CO for almost a full year now... ever since move in date (literally day 1) we have seen cockroaches dead and alive all over the apt even in drawers and cabinets. We have told our landlords multiple times about the issues and they have sent pest specialists in and sprayed multiple times but we still have the same issue. I believe we have 2 different species of them... we aren’t dirty people at all, we constantly are cleaning everything and have food sealed shut at all times but we continue to see them to this day and when brought up to our landlord they just do the same old spray technique that seems to do nothing, is there anything we can do through law to either get out of this place or not be forced to pay or anything? Thank you for the help.

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    Give your 30-day notice and move. It can be really hard to control pests in an apartment complex because often you treat one apartment and they just return from a connected apartment... or people in adjacent apartments get treated on different days and the little bastards just scurrying back and forth. I've lived in a place where I had the same issue; we were freaking clean freaks, however, the person next to us lived in filth (literally, trash probably knee deep). 

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    maybe you can talk to a lawyer about breaking your lease, ive had bedbugs at my place

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