Continuing fmla leave after being brought back from permanent layoff.?


I was on a fmla leave in February and part of March of this year from having complications in pregnancy. In mid march i was permanently laid off along with 100 others. I was due in October but gave birth in July. Baby is a preemie and had a handful of issues. Her heart rate slows down and has stopped breathing since shes been home since Saturday. I got called back today and asked if i would like to return. I do but i don't want to now im terrified to leave her in another's care. Even tho its her father and grandmother who would care for her. I would like to return but not while shes having this events. I want my job back but i also would like to make sure shes ok. Would i still be able to continue my fmla even tho i was laid off but brought back. Would i have to contact my employer unum or both. 


Linkus what part of i got called back to work did you misunderstand? Its a union job it is possible to have a return back to work in the future. 

Fred g years ago you could post here and get helpful advice. Havent used it in a long time.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    What part of "permanently laid off" did you misunderstand?

  • Fred G
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    3 weeks ago

    Really..!  You are asking the hateful people posting like maniacs here for advice..? You might get a reasonably intelligent answer in family & relationships or pregnancy & parenting section.. 

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