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Why do Corona commercials say, "Wash your hands, Orphan"? How shall they know if you are an orphan? Shouldn't people wash their hands . . .?

even if they're not orphans?


John P writes, "Not a very original troll". This is clever because I asked a legitimate wordplay question in the appropriate section, which is Words and Wordplay. Then John P, coming to Yahoo Answers with no intention of giving an Answer, which violates the rules and is trolling itself, writes, "Not a very original troll". Thus it's really John P who is the Troll. The very definition of a Troll, in fact. That's so funny in itself that I am awarding John P "Best Answer" for trolling and accusing.

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    Not a very original troll.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Shades of "The Pirates of Penzance". A play on the words "orphan" and "often".

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