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How old should you be to date? ?

I want to date, but when is a good time to do it? I have guys that want to date me, but what age is it realistic to start dating?   

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    Well from my opinion: I think freshman year of high school is a good age to start dating.  Of course everyone's different.  There were kids "dating" in 6th and 7th grade, but those relationships were brief and not super strong, and I would not recommend dating at that age of 11/12/13 yet.  Some people say high school relationships don't last and are a waste of time and blah blah blah, but the truth is that they can be really important and special.  You may not be (or may be) high school sweethearts, but you've got some experience with a relationship before heading off to college and adulthood (not saying it's bad if you've never dated before college!).  You get to know another person and enjoy each other's company and form good memories hopefully!  But the real question is: Are you ready?  There really isn't a set age.  As long as you're ready (and not super young like I said previously), go ahead and have fun :)

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    When you are old enough to provide your own transportation and cover your date expenses.  Generally around 16.  Yes,  I know lots of younger kids "hang out" earlier, but in all honesty, dating isn't something middle-school kids should be doing.  

    You should also be "old enough" to know where to get brith control and how to use it.  Today, far too many teenagers have sex without understanding the consequences. 

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    Don't date

    Get married

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