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has anyone else had a warning from yahoo about your yahoo answers account?

i received a warning on the 23rd of sept about me violating terms of service, so now i'm worried about it? i often ask questions about mass immigration and multiculturalism, which are controversial...and i get heated at times because other users inflame and provoke me with their answers......i am at level 7 and dont want to lose this account, had the account 6 years.

the warning email from yahoo said if i am brought to their attention again they may terminate my yahoo account, so i feel a bit worried as ive asked a few questions recently that i cannot delete, they are controversial and have been answered, so i can't delete the questions, i even responded to one yahoo user baiting me by calling him names.

has anyone else had a yahoo administration warning, and what did you do?

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    3 weeks ago

    Obey the rules!

    Any so-called question that tries to push things at other users is a rant and a violation.

    Anything asking for opinions / what do you think / do you agree etc. is a chat or rant.

    I've had two items removed in over 25,000 posts & both of those were legit, reported by trolls. It is very simple to use the site without problems.

    Anything that is not a legitimate fact-seeking question [that has a definite non-opinion answer] or is an answer to such a question, should not be on this site.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yahoo! MAY terminate your account anyway, seeing as you've Violated the Terms of service that YOU agreed to when you signed up for your account.

    They are, very kindly, giving you a chance to not continue Violating those Terms.

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