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Is it normal for someone who is Autistic to feel jealous and bitterness towards neurotypical people?


Ron, I wish I was a neurotypical parting get drunk going away with my friends.

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    I would imagine so. The popularity of the saying "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" suggests that it is pretty ingrained in us, as people, to imagine that "they" have advantages that "we" would like to have.

    And, frankly, in the case of the spectrum folks, why would they not feel bitter? The world is not set up to accommodate them (though, given the reported prevalence of the condition among geniuses, it may well have been MADE BY them).

    We are told that "all you need is love" and that "you complete me," that "when a man loves a woman" he will find satisfaction, and a woman is told to be pretty, not a "man hater" and certainly not out of fashion, ironically by other women.

    All of this pressure to have emotional connection, to be ruled by that connection, and god help us if we don't let that connection control us.

    Frankly it would piss me off!

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