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Do you think a lot of celebrities hate each other in real life?

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    I think that we as a society LOVE drama, and the media loves to amp it up. I have no doubts that there are a few stars that don't like each other, either professionally or privately, and there are the notorious celebs that are horrible to work with, whomever is working with them, sure. But at the same time, the media will twist everything to create drama, plain and simple. A picture is taken at a party with two known celebs, one is saying hi to another person, the other is "left hanging," picture goes out with title "SO AND SO SNUBBED BY SO AND SO! DRAMA AT SUCH AND SUCH PARTY!" Like, really...? And more often than not, the drama is so petty that the people involved won't even say anything. They know the media is REACHING, so they don't stoop to their level. Interviews are taken out of context, people constantly pit other women against each other, it's horrible. It really is. 

    So yeah, I'm sure some don't like some. You have to realize that they don't all know each other, either. They get star-struck by certain people, intimidated the same way you and I would be if we met our idols. Could you imagine being all of 24, just starting out, and Meryl Streep is playing your MOTHER? She's a LEGEND. They have to say nice things about each other because it's their job. But that's boring, and people don't want to hear that part. They want to hear who slapped who, who called the other a bytch, who walked off set because so and so showed up. LAME.

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    Of course they do. Some of it is quite well documented.

    Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts hated working with each other. A lot people don't like working with Chevy Chase. Apparently he and Joel McHale actually threw punches at each other on the set of "Community." William Shatner and George Takei hate each other because Shatner didn't go to Takei's wedding and Shatner claims he was never invited (by the way Shatner didn't go to Leonard Nimoy's funeral either). In the music world Roger Waters refuses to do a Pink Floyd reunion because he doesn't get along with David Gilmour. There is plenty of animosity to go around.

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