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who else enjoys cuddling their pet kitty?

who else enjoys cuddling their pet kitty and what part of this do you enjoy the most ? I enjoy the way he goes limp because he is part rag doll :-) please upload any photos of your kitty

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  • 3 weeks ago

    My cats don't give me a choice, and I'm ok with that. One will jump on my lap, massage my legs, they curl up in a circle and sleep. He gets very salty when I have to move him to get up, LOL. The other one will jump up, and heaven FORBID you are doing anything with your hands other than petting his Royal Highness. Work? Nope. Phone? Nope. Reading? NOPE. Only pets now. NOW! He's the bigger cuddle bug out of the two :) The one below is the massage-giver.

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