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Someone drives onto elderly relative's property. Pressure broke water supply line. Repaired, they did it again. How to block? (on hill)?

It's on a ragged hill so I can't do the fencing myself. How can I block the lower part of the hill (you can't reach the property from the upper section of the hill, there is a drop-off at one point that makes it impossible)? (It's maybe a 17 to 22 degree angle) I want to pay for it so it can't cost a fortune. Can I anchor a garden feature? I'm actually thinking of loading painted cat litter buckets with sand, drilling holes into the top 2" and putting a little chain along. Perhaps even sinking them. Should I buy cheap garden trellises and anchor them?

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    Rocks and plants would help. You could, for the cost of time and labor, start picking up random rocks larger than shoeboxes by the side of the road, and every day put them up as a beginning of a retaining wall. Where I live, there is always wood that has fallen out of the backs of pickup trucks, as well as large metal bits such as broken pipes, old barbed-wire fencing, and wire screening chicken wire. Using the wood, make spikes to hold the chicken wire to hold back the hillside, and use the rocks to start building a retaining wall where the people think there is a driveway. For the part that meets the road, use the metal bits to act as spikes that can puncture tires to prevent people from driving onto private property. Again, it need not cost much, just time and labor. Try this and good luck.


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  • 2 weeks ago

    have a couple of large boulders delivered

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