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Is my hand broken, dislocated, strained/sprained or just bruised?

Serious answers only please. Five days ago I punched a wall (I know, not smart). Only a couple seconds after punching the wall I felt excruciating pain go throughout my whole hand. The pain didn't last very long, maybe a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes after all that, my hand swelled up like a golf bar near the top of my 5th metacarpal. It bruised soon after too. Five days later, my hand is still swollen like a balloon. I've been taking over the counter pain medication and also narcotics which have not been taking the swelling down AT ALL. It has stayed the exact same. My pinky is now really crooked when I try and make a fist (almost like it wants to tuck under my ring finger), and when I make that fist it feels really tight and there is a lot of pressure. I have mounting medical bills from a prior surgery so unless I know its broken/dislocated I simply cannot afford to go. What do you think? The only reason why I am slightly concerned about is that it has almost been a week and the swelling has not gone down AT ALL and my knuckle on my fifth metacarpal is basically gone/sunken way in. But then I'm also not too concerned because there is not much bruising at all and it doesn't hurt too too bad, but I've heard broken bones don't always bruise. 

Side note: many years ago I did the same thing and did go to the doctor.... it ended up being a shattered 5th metacarpal. It bruised way more, but the pain was similar to the way my hand feels now. Next to no pain. 

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  • Judy
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    5 days ago

    See an orthopedist asap.  If it doesn't heal right, you will have to go through more pain and suffering and get surgery to correct the incorrectly healed fracture.

  • Diana
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    2 weeks ago

    Its time for you to visit the hospital.  Don't wait, or your bone(s) could heal wrong.  

    Also, don't hit the walls anymore.  Get a Dammit Doll, instead.  Just do a search for one.  

  • Marc
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    3 weeks ago

    The only way to know is to have an xray.  Depending where you are, you can walk into an imaging center and self refer an xray of the hand.  A radiologist will read the film and provide a report. Or you can go to the ER.

  • 3 weeks ago

    sounds actually like a boxer's fracture--the 5th metacarpal but only an xray will de diagnostic. doubt dislocation. However, not doing anything will allow it to continue like this and heal very crooked. Try a low cost county clinic

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Sounds like you've broken some bones.  You'd be smart to see a orthopedic hand specialist ASAP.  You may just need to wait it out, but it is more likely your need some splinting/casting and or surgery.  Don't wait any longer.  While the pain is your current concern, you really don't want to be disabled for the rest of your life because you didn't get something addressed that could have been.

  • Rick
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    3 weeks ago

    I`m just speaking from personal experience.  I`ve broken all my fingers & thumbs on both hands at least once each.  Several toes too.  Never went to the doctor.  Here`s what I think, but don`t at all know for sure.  You likely just reinjured what you damaged the first time.  Much easier to do the 2nd time.  You want to determine if the bones & knuckles still line up properly.  If all is lined up okay, immobilize the hand well enough to allow stability for healing.  Use ice water to diminish the swelling.  Do that a few times a day, if you can.  I doubt that you broke anything, other than maybe again breaking the mentioned metacarpal.  With time, and some luck, it`ll be okay.  If it isn`t getting any better after another week to ten days, you`ll have to consider getting an Xray.  I know - $$.  If anything starts turning black, get yourself to an emergency room asap.  Just use good common sense and you`ll likely be fine, but only time will tell.  Good luck!

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