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Merry asked in PetsDogs · 4 weeks ago

Dog name suggestions?

English Staffordshire Terrier - Male Red/Tan

He's 12-18mth old rescue dog

🔹My kids have very different ideas on names

🔹Youngest likes Gus

🔹I like Gus (It really suits him - short name, easy to say, strong) 

🔹Eldest likes Rust (Rusty or Russ) 

🔹We are currently calling him Baz but don't love it 

🔹 Eldest likes non-people names for a dog 

I suggested Oz or Ozzy (we are Australian) 

🔹We can't agree..... Thoughts on name we have? 

🔹New ideas or suggestions please? 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    I like Gus (strong hard G, easy to say & use with most common commands).

    I also like Rusty (easy to say; happy sounding).  The best names for training are 1 or 2 syllables and end in the Y or IE sound - because they sound HAPPY when said.  When yu train you want to be in a happy mood.

    BTW, Ozzy IS a human name = as in Ozzy Osborne (BLACK SABBATH) and is not one I'd be using....

    The most important thing (rather than whether human or not) is HOW FAST you can say the name in an EMERGENCY situation (like dog is running out the gate after a cat...and a car is coming).  Pick some names & then RUN THROUGH the commands you intend to use and see if there will be any confusion or difficulty when saying the name & each command.  Example: Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Heel. A clear winner, may emerge.

    I have trouble coming up with a male name for a RED dog esp with a "Y" or "IE" aside from Rusty, Ruddy, or Sparky (as in sparks or fireworks).   If you want a reference to the color regardless .... Flare, Flash, Red/Redford, Copper, Jasper, Cinder, Mars =(the red planet), Rogan (Irish name means red headed) Clifford (the big red dog in a series of children's books) Comet, & Flame

  • 4 weeks ago

    I actually really like Baz

  • 4 weeks ago

    Ok, put each name on a small piece of paper from each child & put them in a bowl, hat, box or what ever & you reach in & pick one piece of paper & that will be the dogs name.

    You can google all kinds of things to find names for dogs, maybe running through a few more names they can find one they all agree on.

    Male dog names

    Large dog male names

    Short male dog names

    Strong male dog names

    Large male dog names

    Pit bull male dog names

    Names of Gods

    Names from the Bible

    Funny male dog names

    A short list you can start with.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I like Gus or Ozzy.  We use to have a black cat named Ozzy, so I obviously like that name.

    Other suggestions:













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  • Damien
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    4 weeks ago

    i like bhushan, here bhushan, here bhush, come to the bush , bhush

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