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Why do you like playing football ?

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    The football game has many benefits

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    it is the ultimate team sport--that is, you are forced to work closely with others, each doing their job like a link in a chain, to collectively achieve the goal.  No sport has more players, so the importance of this working together is emphasized.  It makes a great metaphor for life, or being a success in life, as one must literally get up when knocked down and persist and persist and persist and work with others and try again to be successful.  It is dangerous?  yes, like life.  who gets hurt the least?  those that hit the hardest and are not afraid to fight back.  Also, throwing and catching a forward pass is easily as beautiful an art form as hitting a home-run.  It's even better than scoring a goooooal in soccer or hockey too.

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    Playing football has many benefits.  Football will help make you become a much fearless, stronger, tougher, and even smarter person.

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    I loved football growing up and now (though I haven't played in decades...I am old.)

    Football has three awesome traits that are unparalleled in any other sport I've tried.

    1) It's physical as hell.  After a good tackle football game, you feel like you've really gone all out.

    2) It's the consummate team game.  Other team sports really are about one or two guys per team that are actively engaged in affecting the play.  I used to play soccer, and half the game is just jogging lightly to stay in position while the ball is in the other side or end of the field.  There's a guy dribbling, one or two guys nearby looking for a pass, and a couple defenders either trying to take the ball or cut off a pass. 

    In American Football, almost everyone has a very real impact on every play.  The WRs and QB have minimal impacts on run plays (though that's less true today), but otherwise everyone is actively involved.  

    3) It's the most intricate and strategic game of any major sport.  Sure, there are plays in soccer and basketball, and the pitcher/hitter competition has a fair bit of strategy to it.  But football is orders of magnitude more strategic.  Blocking schemes, gap schemes, route combinations, the timing, luring this defender or that defender with the right route to attack their responsibilities and create opportunities for someone else.  Individual matchup strategies.  There's layers upon layers of it.

    A lot of people criticize the stoppages in play in football, but those stoppages are what allow this play complexity to arise.  And it's awesome.

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    I don't. I just like competition and winning. 

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