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In what year was the game of football invented?

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    I think 1876...

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    Complicated.  Football didn't so much get invented as it evolved.  There was a sport that predated it from which both Rugby and modern US and Canadian football evolved.  Depending on what set of features you consider essential, you can pick any number of dates.  The two most common are 1869 which was the first collegiate game that looked somewhat like football.  The second being 1876 when the first professional game was played. 

    Now, in that difference, Walter Camp added a WHOLE bunch of things to the game that make it look ALOT more recognizable as our modern sport like downs and scrimmage.  You could argue that the games before those innovations were added wasn't quite football yet.  

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    It was invented in 1876 by the Earl of Football.

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    The year 1876..

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