Cross threaded tyre ? Help?

Hi guys so i took my car to a dealer today to get the two rear tyres changed. The dealer handed me back a bolt and said it needed  a new bolt. I called my Dad and he said they might have damaged the hub. I then took it to another tyre place and said the hub was knackered. I went back to the original place and they said the hub was damaged before and they took the nut out and told me (remember they'd only told me the bolt was damaged). I guess what I am asking here if the hub was damaged the bolt wouldn't have fit in before? and could i take them to trading standards for damaging my tyres? 

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  • garry
    Lv 4
    3 weeks ago

    hubs do wear out with the nuts you know , there only screwed in not welded , reason is the do become faulty an snap , cheaper t get  1 nut replaced then you losing the whole tyre while driving isnt it . bitching about a nut , next time i hope the dealer shuts up , and your wheel comes of driving .

  • 3 weeks ago

    They never should have touched a hub bolt while changing a tire unless it's a Porsche or VW that screws in lugs to the hub. Maybe they were talking about a wheel stud. When those are cross threaded by mistake, that more often ruins the lug, but the stud could be also damaged by that. Cross threading is a mistake made by putting the lug on crooked. It's hard to prove they did it or the mechanic that put the lug on before them.  However, replacing a stud and lug is not major and not very expensive except whatever the labor charge is...I'm guessing $6 parts and 1/2 hour labor. If they really did damage a HUB , that is major. Let's get an accurate name for the parts and go forward from there.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I think you're confused. Far more likely is that this is a wheel bolt which was found to be faulty.  All that is needed is for this bolt to be replaced or possibly where it screws in to be rethreaded.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Tires/tyres don't have bolts, wheels/rims do.

    If they cross-threaded one of the lugnuts/studs, just knock the stud out and replace it and the nut.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    "YOU said the hub was knackered"? Did not know you were a mechanic.  Otherwise you don't know what you are talking about. Neither does DAD.

    Wheel studs are put in on splines. So they do not rotate.  Then when the wheel is put on the nuts are screwed on by hand a couple turns to hold it and then air-wrenched  up to the wheel. Do a million of them then call me back.

    Why the dealer even bothered you with the minor detail that they saw and said needed a new bolt (is beyond me) as the bolt is at most $3.00 for one AND THE DEALER HAS THEM. in stock.

    Like, "Don't bother me with trivial knowledge"

    You guys are suppose to do a "proper job" - that is what I am paying you for.

    You did not finish this question to say wtf happened next.   If the hub was damaged MEANS "WAS IT OR WAS THERE NOTHING WRONG WITH IT"?

    OR is your car still sitting in the shop because you refuse to pay for the replacement stud?

    Or hub? 

    What make of car. What year & model? steel wheels or mags?

    You have a problem proving YOU did not do the damage by changing a FLAT TIRE on the side of the road. & YOU Botched it up by not tightening all the wheel nuts correctly.   

    I have done that and gone around the block before I noticed the EARTHQUAKE.  I went out and looked at the one wheel and noticed that the wheel was hanging on by 1 nut(instead of 4) 

    Backtracking I found the other nuts on the road.

    My fault.  I missed double checking 1 wheel to make sure the bolts were on tight enough.   Still not enough to damage the wheel studs(not enough damage to warrant changing the stud)

    Pictures would help.

    Also what you decided to do. (I definitely would not leave a car at a dealership because it needs one hub. A couple hundred dollars (at most) and it is fixed.)

    Your tyres were not damaged.

    So, "IF" the hub was damaged? You do not say.  (It takes a lot to destroy that.)

    Throw we mechanics a frickin BONE.

  • Barry
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    You can't prove anything. Start phoning around for a new hub quotation. Try Halfords Autocentre (not the store). They tend to be honest.

  • 3 weeks ago

    it would be extremely difficult to prove ..and you could well be accusing an innocent person ...the fact they never tried to hide it should tell you something sound like it was put in cross threaded would not know till you tried to remove it ..even then the airguns are so powerful you would need to look at it to spot it ..or until you tried to replace it ..and how have they damaged your tyres?

  • 3 weeks ago

    You can’t prove they’re responsible. 

    It is odd that they didn’t call you over to the car whilst working on it to say “Look what we found”, but that’s still no proof.

    And yes, I have removed wheel nuts or wheel bolts in the past to find that although they seemed fine, the thread on the stud or the threaded hole in the hub had stripped. 

    Ultimately this boils down to a “balance of probability” which could be the basis of a Small Claims Court action. The argument would be that a dealer exercising due care and attention would have checked the hub for a stripped thread if they saw a bolt with a stripped thread.

    But winning would not be certain and the costs of your repairs should be low enough that it’s just not worth the time and hassle. The dealer would probably also counter-argue that the hub is fine and that your tyre place were trying to fleece you for a new hub. 

    Pretty often, when the threads strip from a wheel bolt, the hub thread is fine and just needs the metal which stripped off the bolt to be removed.

    So ask your dealer: did they check the hub threads and were they OK?

    I’m genuinely surprised that for liability reasons alone, any dealer would let you drive away with one missing wheel bolt without insisting that you sign a disclaimer.

  • D50
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    Who knows if the current mechanics cross-threaded and ruined the fastener or if the prior klutz did it? You can't prove either one. Your problem is the same: you need a new bolt and nut. Replacing the damaged bolt in the hub won't be extremely expensive; it happens all the time. Whenever you have a shop install a wheel, you should check the fasteners by loosening and retightening them by hand. They will always do them too tight and they are often careless about installing them. Their impact wrenches allow them to drive the nut on cross-threaded without even noticing. If you have a puncture with a cross-threaded nut or even an over-tightened one you may never get the wheel off yourself.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    good luck proving it.

    the whole industry is corrupt and they could of got you so much worse.

    just pay for repairs, obviously not with the people who stripped the bolt.

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