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Would a golf ⛳️ 🏌️ tournament   without golf be possible?

Would it be possible to hold a golf tournament without golf. They could do a “sportswear contest” where contestants are judged while walking across the 18th green. and then a judging in more formal attire in the clubhouse later. Ladies would dress up in elaborate hats and stuff like that.

At the end they would award ribbons for a

Little Mr and Ms Champion 

Junior Mr and Ms Champion

Teen Mr and Ms Champion

Mr and Miss Champion 🏌️‍♀️ 🏌️ 

And then they would have the

“Grand Champions”

Could a golf tournament like this be done without golf? 🏌️ 🏌️‍♀️ 


They could use the cart path for the contestants to walk through on near the 18th green to protect the grass. 

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    It's theoretically possible but wouldn't draw much, if any, interest.

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    it is not a tournament then.   it is a beauty contest for "fake golfers".    Real golfers dont care what other golfers wear.   We care about the shots, thats all we real golfers care.....

    PS: why do you want to make a golf event if you dont play golf?

  • No, because that's not how golf tournaments work.  You're describing a fashion show.

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    Sure its possible, but most golf courses aren't going to allow you to just parade people across the greens - especially not women in heels. They spend lots of time and money trying to keep the greens nicely manicured and they aren't likely to allow any extra foot traffic on them.

    Even if you found a course to allow it women's heels would sink into the soft soil.

    You'd be better off just having the event in a clubhouse - plenty of courses have ballroom/conference hall areas that can be rented out for these types of events but the actual fashion parade will probably need to be on a cart path with the course in the background, not actually ON the course.

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