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Statistics help?

In baseball, a no hitter is a 9-inning game in which the pitcher does not give up a hit to the opposing batters. A study was conducted on hits given up in MLB games. The distribution was normal with a mean of 8.72 and a standard deviation of 1.10. 

What percent of games result in fewer than 6 hits?

Looking at the percentage of giving up fewer than 6 hits, why do you think a no hitter is such a big deal????

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    In the history of MLB a no-hitter happens about once in 1414 attempts.

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    Tell your teacher that they have the wrong definition of a no-hitter.

    A no hitter is a complete game in which the opposing team does not record any base hits. That can be more than 9 innings in the case of a tie game that goes into extra innings.

    As for the actual question - the odds of a no-hitter are almost as low as your odds of getting a passing grade.

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    I'm sure all the people that didn't want to do your homework yesterday will do it today.  Make sure to ask again tomorrow.

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