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Why doesn't canada have zebra (continental) crosswalks like the US and instead only uses standard 2 parallel lines crosswalks?

It looks very cheap and outdated

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  • 2 months ago

    Zebra crossings are in many places. Both methods are acceptable.

    Toronto has lots of them.

    True two lines is Cheaper.

    Outdated? They both work for their intended purpose.

    BC traffic rules.

    Zebra Markings

    3.The recommended pavement marking for crosswalks which have no signal controls is the zebra style with longitudinal stripes which are more visible to approaching drivers(See Figure 1.1).

    4.The zebra markings will be used for all crosswalks installed at unsignalized intersections under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Highways.

    NOTE:Municipalities may choose, however, to retain the twin parallel line markings for unsignalized crossings on roads under their jurisdiction.

  • 2 months ago

    There are no such crosswalks in my part of the US.  Southwest PA.  I have seen those walks in London and in Tokyo.

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