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Why do I keep overshooting platforms in Train Simulator 2021?

I always seem to overshoot the platforms before coming to a stop and then using the reverser to move back. If not overshoot, I end up using the emergency brakes that causes a sudden desceleration that I assume would be uncomfortable to the panssengers. 

Also, the train doors don’t always open.


Possible miscalculation?

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    Rail car trains weigh dozens to hundreds of tons.  The friction between rails and steel wheels is low.  So stopping without sliding the wheels (and creating flat zones on them) is a carefully done process of losing speed at the correct rate.

    If you approach the station platform from 400 yards (just over a quarter mile) at 30 mph, you will have trouble stopping with control cab at far end of platform and the train cars along it.  You must apply brakes early and with less force to keep the wheels turning.  That lets the friction of the brake pads dissipate the kinetic energy (or momentum) into the disks.  That keeps the wheels round.

    This is a much more delicate process than of stopping a car on a street.  There, the adhesion of rubber tires on asphalt or rough concrete is high.  The loss of speed is much more rapid.  And energy to be dropped is so much less--cars are just light shells compared to rail cars and engine.

    With that in mind, imagine stopping the train is like driving a car on ice.  Careful changes more slowly and easy does it.

    Example:  When I drive my car on the street and see a full stopping event coming up, I find a single pressure level on the brakes that will carry my car right up to the final position with no increase or decrease of my foot's force.  I can usually get it pretty close to ideal.  Have not bopped anyone in front of me yet.

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    WRONG FORUM. Go to the Video Games forum in the Games Category. Fail again. 

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