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Why was biden wearing an earpiece?  It was caught on cam while he was adjusting his suit....?

Please understand, this isn't a I like Trump or I like biden opinion question - it's a fact question.

The video shows biden wearing a wire.  The logical inference is an earpiece, but my question is why?  Is it because he didn't want to risk having to respond in his usual stammering way?


@sordenheimer - I guess if you're delusional enough you can convince yourself nuh uh it's a you people really have drowned in the kool aid..

Update 2:

@anonymous fool: sparky? Wearing a wire is an objective non-opinion perspective because it's material, not subjective.  But nice try in trying to deflect - you ARE a fool, because you just tried to rationalize his pre-meditated behavior.  The wire didn't fall out during the middle of the debate did it?  lol fool

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