Are Spots Saved at Dispersed Campsites?

Planning a road trip to Colorado and Utah. Will be needing to spend some nights in a dispersed campsite. Assuming I get a spot at a site, can I drive off to go on a  hike and come back to my same spot? Do I need to leave my tent and things there? 

I kind of get how dispersed campsites work, I just don't know if I can leave to go on adventures and be able to have my spot saved for me. 

1 Answer

  • Typically as long as your site or area looks occupied, with having tents and other camping gear setup, people will know someone is there and they will go somewhere else.

    Check with the forest ranger for the area you're going to to see what kind of incidence maybe taking place there. Most places in the national forests are safe for people to leave their stuff while they're out on an Excursion. But there are also some areas better more prone to be hit by vandals or people looking to steal stuff.

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