Any tips on cosplay?

I really wanna cosplay Entrapta but I never have done cosplay before. 


Actually, for a first cosplay, I'll go with Mable because the clothes are easy and we look really similar (I'll just have to find those clip-on bang things)

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  • 2 months ago
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    Starting with Entrapta. Hmmm, let's see what there is to work with.

    First things first: Examine the character design and identify the pieces that stand out and are most a signature of the character. Thinks are more under the radar don't need as much focus. I'd say the boots and gloves would be the easiest things to overlook detail on, and could probably be just some big black welding gloves (and possibly stitch a purple patch on the back) and big stompy boots.The shirt appears to be basically a white tube top with a stain on one boob. That would also be easy.

    The overalls would depend on how accurate you want to be. Plenty of places you could just buy dark purple overalls and use them. Just put them on, put a narrow belt on over them, then pull the shoulder straps off your shoulders, letting the top of the overalls fall and hide the belt. If you want the coloration patches, then you'd probably need to add patches.

    The mask has a few options. Most people would probably go EVA foam, but I find it lacks rigidity in the level of thickness that mask is, so the headband would probably pull it out of shape. I would personally probably go with very thin wood/plywood glued together. At the top, three layers, where there's a horizontal gap in layer 2 for an elastic headband to go through. For the rest, just 2 layers with eye holes cut in, with a piece of red cellophane between for the visor holes.

    For her...sleeve things...I think the best bet would be to buy a long-sleeve t-shirt in the right color, disassemble it at the seams, cut and stitch the shoulder holes, reassemble, then cut and stitch the bottom for length.

    And then there's the hair. Oh god, the hair. For a first cosplay, tone that monstrosity down. There's no reason to try to be accurate with that unless you are doing Masters-level Maqsuerade competition. Any long wig in the right color, styled into a pair of ponytails would suffice. To get the elevation her ponies have, you'd probably have to style in some wires. And you are going to want a wig cap and some wig clips to keep that thing on your head.

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    2 months ago

    What's your gender, ethnicity and how's your appearance like? I might be able to suggest a cool and wacky cosplay idea if i know how u look..

  • 2 months ago

    The main thing about cosplay is that you’re having fun with it. It’s not about how “good” your cosplay looks, but it’s about how much fun you have making/wearing it. I like to use cheap thrift stores to find the plain parts of my cosplays and use Halloween stores or crafting stores for accessories 

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