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Weird esophagus/digestive feeling? Havent digested in hours?

It feels like I havent digested properly since eating breakfast about 9 hours ago. I feel something cold in my stomach or esophagus (feels like either im not sure where) and it feels like liquid or something. I ate an apple about 4 hours ago and drank water to sort of wash it down, but I still feel the same. I dont even know if what im feeling is liquid. All I know is that its cold and theres definitely something there. Ive experienced this feeling a couple of times before, before going to sleep, but this ones weird this time. It's lasted for about half of the day already. I researched a bit and I think it's acid reflux? Im not familiar with any of these terms though so I need a little help. Im 15 years old if thats useful.


Okay boys im going in, about to have dinner because I feel hungry but weirdly full? Its so weird. Its like my stomach wants me to eat but at the same time it feels full. I really dont know how to describe it. I will update how I feel in about 4-5 hours (before bedtime)

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    maybe you should ask your doctor about it

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