Why COD mobile runs smooth but PUBG mobile has Desync issues?

Hi, I’m using Samsung M31 (6 GB ram version) to play these games. I know not the best mobile out there to play hardcore FPS multiplayer. But I’m just curious as to why this is been happening since I started playing these games. I use WiFi and get a decent ping of 20 - 30ms and its always stable around that. Both games runs smoothly on low settings but the only difference is that when I’m playing PUBG the enemies teleport left and right when I start shooting at them making it hard to land a shot and sometimes they even 1 shot kill me when I’m coming around the corner. It does not happen in COD at least for the last 2 months I’ve been playing it.

The teleporting players doesn't happen with my team mates, it only happens with the enemies. I'm not saying it happens with all enemy team that I encounter but it does happen with a lot of them.

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