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How often should border collie/poodle mixes be brushed?

We have two bordoodle puppies (50/50 split) and I'm wondering how often they should be brushed to be able to keep a healthy coat - both as puppies and adults. Thank you!! 



1) They are NOT from the same litter. One puppy is a year-ish older than the other. Same parents, same breed, different litter. no litter-mate syndrome. I appreciate the concern, though! 2) Y'all are ****** MEAN! Lmao - We didn't buy them because they're fancy or designer. They were bought from a local groomer, and sure they're cute, but that's not why we got them.

3) Yeah they're mutts? There's nothing wrong with that. I described breed because it's important. Diff breed = diff hair.

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    Most dogs with longer coats should be brushed thoroughly daily to prevent matts from forming. Your mixed breeds likely fall into that category, though coat types can vary amongst mixes between longer and shorter-coated breeds.

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    It is a BIG MISTAKE intentionally getting 2 puppies at once - creating what is known as litter-mate syndrome - which will not only affect their emotional development (now) but their life-long personalities.  No *reputable* breeder would have sold you two puppies (period) since the problems that ensue are usually so bad as the siblings mature, one may have to be re-homed.  So, I guess that means you cannot turn to your breeder (as normal people can) for coat & grooming advice.

    You could have ONE OF 3 Coat types and each dog may differ.  Ask a professional groomer on how to deal with upkeep between visits.... for expert advice - IF your vet's office does not OFFER grooming (as a part of their services) such that THEY could advise you on home upkeep.

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    no such breed exists...all mutts are different and do not have any specific characteristics when it comes to coats or anything else for that matter

    brush your dog however long you feel necessary, not rocket science

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    Hopefully you did not get two pups from the same litter.  Sibling rivalry lasts a lifetime.

    Depends on what kind of coat they have.  That of a BC or that of a Poodle or a mix of both?  They may not have the same coats.  One could have curly coat & the other a straight coat.  Genetics are not a 50/50 split.  You already have three options as to what the coat may be like.  Just don't let the coat mat up.  A good PoodleX will have a coat that needs to be clipped on a regular basis.

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    Your MUTTS should be brushed AND COMBED daily to remove matts.

    You will need to PART THE COAT as you brush and comb to make sure you are getting the undercoat thuroughly brushed.

    Such a shame that people buy into these stupid doodle mixes..  You end up with a dog that is more maintenance than a fullbred poodle

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    if u are worried about shedding on the furniture etc then every day. 

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