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can you get roundworm if u drink after someone who has it?

my friend told me her cat has roundworm a few days after i drank after her when she offered me to try her drink. i read 50% of owners get it if a pet does and roundworm can cause blindness. Is it possible to get it from drinking after her if she has it??


it is not called ringworm. it is called roundworm. ringworm is a skin condition roundworm is a parasite.

Update 2:

seeing as you edited your reply i shall edit mine again. once again it is not called “ringworm” it is called “ROUNDWORM”. look it up. RINGWORM is a skin condition. ROUNDWORM is a worm parasite that infects pets and is passed to other pets and humans through eggs in feces. When infecting humans, the worm travels to the lungs, the eyes, or i believe the liver because our intestines are not sufficient hosts. Look it up before replying on my post 1. being rude & 2. looking ignorant

Update 3:

ringworm and roundworm are two different things. for the 20th time i am referring too roundworm. not ringworm. 😂😂

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    It's called ringworm.

    You get ringworm by direct skin to skin contact.

    Who would drink out of a non-family member's cup right now????????????

    Geez.. are you purposely trying to become a covid carrier??????????????PS - It's called RINGWORM which is a skin condition that is caused by a parasite.

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