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larry1 asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 4 weeks ago

Help with horror movie name?

It's British, Probably made in the 90's. It's about a nurse in a run down childrens hospital about to be closed that's haunted by the ghost of a past sadistic nurse. The ghost comes at night into the wards and breaks the childrens bones. The nurse finds out about the ghost, believes the children tries to save them. What is the movie name?

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    Fragile with Calista Flockhart. An American nurse takes a temporary position on the night shift at a closing children's hospital on the Isle of Wight. When every shift is plagued by spooky occurrences and things that go bump in the night, she begins to believe the stories of one of the child patients, who insists the hospital is haunted by a dangerous presence emanating from the long abandoned second floor. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    House on Haunted Hill.    (?)

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